Assist Packaging and Procurement

You provide the product development and build expertise, we help you get the product safely out the door and into your customer's hands

Often overlooked, you can off-load to Assist Packaging and Procurement all of the problems of designing and procuring the necessary packaging materials so that your product reaches your customer's site safely.


Assist Packaging specializes in providing small or limited volume custom and standard packaging. Provide us with the size, shape and weight of your product and we will work with you to create the correct package for your shipping needs. Pleasecontact usfor more information and pricing.


Don't have the time to spend identifying, selecting and qualifying vendors? Don't know where to find that key part or service? Assist Packaging can help. Our team has years of experience sourcing components, packaging, shipping supplies and hard to source parts. Pleasecontact usand let us know how we can help.

Our History

Assist Packaging started out as Stewart Packaging. We were founded, in 2008, by Craig Stewart as a service to small businesses to provide specialized packaging and supplies. We continue to expand our capabilities while staying faithful to Craig's founding principles of high quality and responsive service.